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Science Fairs and Competitions

Delaware County and Delaware Valley Science Fairs

These traditional science fairs require students to submit and display their research findings in a written format.  Students first enter the Delaware County Science Fair.  Projects may be entered in one of 15 different categories.  Students generally submit a written paper, a tri-fold backboard or poster, and a research journal.  In addition, students are interviewed by the judges.  First, second and third place winners from each category are eligible to advance to the Delaware Valley Science Fair, where the same basic format is followed.  First place winners at the Delaware Valley Science Fair then compete to win medals.  Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded at each grade level (High School).  Medal winners advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. 

Click here to read the competition rules.

Click here to read more about these fairs.

Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS)

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Competition differs from traditional Science Fair competitions in that it uses an oral format. Each student’s project is judged on its own merits, rather than in comparison to other projects.  Students prepare oral presentations and make transparencies (from Power Point slide) to accompany the presentations. 

Here is how the competition works:

  • Students from the same region are grouped into units with other students of similar grade and category of research.
  • Several judges are assigned to each unit.
  • Students give 10-minute oral presentations, using power points or transparencies as aids. The judges may ask questions after the presentation.
  • Each student’s presentation is graded. The student will a receive first, second, or third award at the award ceremony.
  • Students who win first awards at the regional meeting advance to the state meeting where they repeat the process.


All students are encouraged to conduct a research project.  For some students, research is optional, and for others, it is incorporated into the science course curriculum.

  •  Middle School Students (grades 7 and 8)
    • Participate in an in-school fair (incorporated into course curriculum)
    •  Top winners at this fair will enter the Delaware County Science Fair
  • Honors Physics Students
    • Enter the PJAS regional competition (incorporated into course curriculum)
    • May opt to enter the Delaware County Science Fair
  • Honors Chemistry Students
    • Enter the PJAS regional competition (incorporated into course curriculum)
    • May opt to enter the Delaware County Science Fair competition
  • Independent Research Students
    • May choose to enter either the Delaware County Fair, the PJAS regional competition, or both competitions

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