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International Women's Day at Notre Dame
Posted 03/08/2019 10:20AM

International Women's Day at Notre Dame
Student Action Statements Support UN Development Goals 

In recognition of International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8, guest speaker and author of Growing Up Global Homa Tavangar visited Notre Dame this week to challenge students to consider ways they can take action to address today's most pressing issues, including poverty, inequality, the environment, education, and justice.

International Women's Day offers an opportunity to honor and celebrate the actions of women of all ages around the world to change their communities, their countries, and history.

Using the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline, Tavangar invited students to consider how they can make an impact in the world. The 17 SDGs were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 and call for all countries to take steps now to improve our planet and quality of life for all people by 2030. Some selected student action statements, with the related SDG shown in italics, appear below. For more information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals visit 

Helen Potts, Grade 6: Climate Action I believe that we should find a way to genetically engineer trees to take in more carbon-dioxide because this would help reduce the greenhouse effect.

Hannah Downing, Grade 7: Climate Action I would like to promote the idea of demolishing unused building areas to replant forests. 

Sabine Corrielus, Grade 7: Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions My cousin and I would like to start a business where we seek justice for people that were wrongfully accused for serious and maybe even minor crimes, that may affect them in the long run, like getting a job. I want to be a private investigator or lawyer and my cousin wants to be a lawyer. 

Grace Morley, Grade 8: Zero Hunger I would like to provide more sustainable farms in remote areas without food. For places with the wrong terrain for farming, we could have other options, including greenhouses, or invent new ways to farm. It would also provide more jobs for the citizens living around these farms and help support community. 

Abigail Rowley, Grade 9: Clean Water & Sanitation I would like to research using easily accessible substances according to each region around the world and test them as water filters. For example, charcoal can be used as a filter. This solution could help people around the world create water filters by using the materials around them. 

Marli Dorn, Grade 9: Life on Land My father works for a construction company. With his help, I would like to look into methods to clean construction sites (ex: rid sites of litter, recycle unused materials, etc.). 

Caroline Kemp, Grade 9: Quality Education I would like to become a teacher for kids who need extra help in school. I know how it feels and I would love to help other kids not struggle so much in school.

Jade Bennett, Grade 10: Quality Education I would like to connect with my foreign exchange student who was with us for seven months last year from South Africa to start a book drive. When Kaloso came to America, he was in awe of our wide book selections and libraries because many schools around him, including his own, did not have a library, and if they did, it was small and the books were barely usable anymore. If we collected and sent used books, not only would it provide children in South Africa with a new source of entertainment, it would also help improve language skills, expand vocabulary, and teach simple literature skills many of us take for granted in our education system. 

Serena Xu, Grade 11: Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions I would like to welcome immigrants and other refugees into our country. To establish shelters for them. To provide security justice to every person in this world, regardless of their regions, races, or religions. 

Ashley Snyder, Grade 12: Good Health & Well-Being I would like to work in pediatric oncology after I finish school and I hope that I will be able to do a lot of research on medulloblastomas in children and how they affect the child's learning throughout school. 

Lily Morris, Grade 12: Life Below Water I would like to create a company that makes edible packaging, to protect sealife. 

Alyssa Giacomin, Grade 12: Quality Education In order to solve the core problem of education inequality, we must provide more governmental funding to public schools (in the US); we need to diminish stereotypes towards lower class neighborhoods/children; and we must start with a strong academic foundation beginning in pre-k. Children need a stronger start to their education in order to realize that they all have the ability to succeed. Lastly, we need to abolish "one size fits all" common core curriculum, and add more teachers to public schools. I would like to write a robust senior research paper on the fundamental issue of access to equal education in the U.S., to hopefully one day to reach the government, present my findings, and make a change. 

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