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Notre Dame Seniors Present Capstone Projects
Notre Dame Seniors Present Capstone Projects

For the next two weeks, Notre Dame seniors will present their capstone projects to invited faculty and peers. All seniors participate in the independent research project which includes investigation, preparation, and presentation of an 18 to 25 page research paper. The topic of the research paper is selected by each student and can cover any subject area. Students must also fulfill two field experiences, which can include visiting a museum, interviewing an expert, or even attending college classes.

Dr. David Califf, Chair of the English and Arts Department, and high school English teacher, Mrs. Kim Burke, started the program four years ago and are mentors to the students.

Students are presenting on the following topics:

Caroline McGill - September 11, 2001: The Effects on Those Who Experienced It First Hand and Those Who Did Not
Katie Lennon - The History of the Justice and Prison Systems in America
Mackenzie Smith - The Evolution of Psychiatric Hospitals and Patient Care
Maggie Pina - The Psychology of a Serial Killer
McKenna Bramlage - The Zodiac Killings: A Case Study in the Psychology of Serial Killers
Sarah Howton - Mass Shootings in America: Observations on the Politics and Ethics of the Gun Industry
Bailey Haraburda - The Katyn Massacre and its Impact on Polish-Russian-German Relations
Katie Brennan - The World Behind Conspiracy Theories
Lindsay Galarneau - Unicycles: From Transportation, to Adapted Sports and Everyday Use
Caitlyn Mullen - The O.J. Simpson Case and the Multiple Influences Behind It
Hannah Gillespie - Olympic Security and Scandals
Ceara Rush - Time Travel in Film 
Madison Gaffney - The Politics and Economics of hosting an Olympic Games
Sarah Dodds - Social Media's Effect on the Restaurant Industry
Emma Wood - Criminal Profiling: How Behavioral Science Has Impacted the FBI and Certain Investigations
Maggie Quirk - Impact of Adolescent Social Media Use on Mental Health, Academic Achievement, and Future Success in the Workplace
Grace Reber - Perception or Perfection: Social Media and Its Effect on the Rise of Eating Disorders in the Past Decade
Meredith Lauzon - Nomophobia: Fear of Being Detached from One's Cell Phone and A Modern Addiction
Caroline Kramer - Doping in Sports
MK Trevisan - Infectious Mononucleosis: Its Implications and Additional Impacts Arising from Its Causative Organism, the Epstein-Barr virus
Shannon Brady - Clerical Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church
Lily McStravick - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Maggie Wichser - Children's Literature: Helpful or Damaging to Adolescent Development?
Quinn Balitsaris - The Inaccuracy of the SAT as a Measurement of Skills
Caitlin Hayes - A History of Physical Exercises and Equipment and the Influence of Media on Fitness
Kennedy Doyle - Legalization of Marijuana: Effects on the Economy and Public Health
Caroline Voegele - Treasure Hunts
Megan Wilson - The Process of English Dubbing, How Does It Change the Story?
Sophia Haub - A Musical Legend: The Success, Secrets, and Relationships of Frank Sinatra 
Alyssa Giacomin - Education Inequality: On The Basis Of Wealth and Status
Belle McHugh - Corruption in the Church: The Hows and Whys of These Cases Being Hidden 
Ellie Graham - Psychology of a Killer
Caroline Brown - The Effects of Astrology on an Individual's Psychology
Taylor Ford - Video Games: The Development of Technology and a Community
Emily Szela - The Art of Hypnosis
Madison O'Donnell - A Dog's Purpose; The History, Genetic Makeup, Purpose and Over-breeding of Dogs Today
Olivia Hayes - The History of Safety in Eventing
Anna Dewey - The Effect of Social Media Influencers on the Fashion, Cosmetic and Lifestyle Industries
Erin Snyder - Fast Food Nation
Lauren Curran - Athletes and their Perception in and on Social Media
Julia Weissman - Alcoholism: U.S. versus World
Annemarie O'Brien - Suicide in the Media and the Effects
Taylor Stribrny - The Emotional Impact of Music in Film
Grace Reilly - Mental Disorders: Causes and Treatments of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD
Ellen Lavin - How Sports Help Shape a Child
Sarah Hahn - Musical Festivals and How They are Advertised
Brooke Chermol - The Life and Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer
Lily Allen - The Past, Present, and Future of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Tulie Heriveaux -Drug Cartels and their Effects on International Societies
Hailey Opperman - The Philadelphia Zoo: A Case Study on the Ethical Treatment of Animals in American Zoos
Maggie O'Brien - The British Royal Family: Who They Really Are
Samantha McGarvey - The Eugenics Movement in the United States: How Many Individuals Were Deprived of Their Human Rights in the Early 20th Century
Juliet Marchesani - The Collection and Targeted Utilization of User Data on Social Media Platforms and Mobile Devices
Emma Kichula - The History of the Lobotomy and Other Psychosurgery and their Transition into Today's Society
Julianna Recchilungo - How YouTube and its Creators Affect the Audience
Sophia Skorup - America's Love Affair with the Underdog
Meghan Boles - Art Heists, Fakes, and Forgeries
Amirah King - How Breed Affects Dog Training, Interactions, and Reactions
Caroline Dougherty - Classism of the College Application Process
Mia Heffernen - The Gang Mentality
Rose McDonald - Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Journey through Music
Anna Miranda - Stories of the Ancients: A Comparison of Mythologies in the Eastern Hemisphere and Their Revelations About Humanity as a Whole
Eileen Shelton - Healthcare Availability for Women
Erin Byrd - Foxcatcher and the Insanity Defense in PA
Ashley Snyder - Dreams: A Biological and Theoretical Explanation 
Lauren Gaetano - Neurotheology: An Exploration of Psychological and Neurological Effects of Religious Involvement 
Emily Duff - The History of Youtube and How it Has Affected our Culture 
Hailie Zampino - Killer Clowns: The Story of John Wayne Gacy
Jessica Schneider - How The American Dream Has Evolved for Individuals Since America's Founding
Hannah Weis - Addiction and Recovery in What We Watch: Glorification of Opioids and Schedule II Drugs in Film and TV
Jayda Hepburn - Queerphobia in the Black Community
Nida Ahmed - The Marketing and Psychology Behind One Direction's Success