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Center for Global Leadership

The Center for Global Leadership provides students with authentic learning experiences that educate, empower, and inspire them to develop cultural curiosity and humility, creativity and compassion in order to inform their leadership and service experiences in both the local and global communities. 
- CGL Mission Statement

Global Classrooms

Curriculum enhancement based on The Asia Society's global competence framework that will deepen intercultural knowledge and understanding across all departments, increase experiential learning opportunities at Notre Dame and abroad, and expand course offerings and extracurricular options to include more global topics and perspectives.

Travel Programs

The CGL offers various types of travel programs each year that weave our mission and curriculum into lived experiences both near and far. Travel programs are broken into three categories; Domestic Service, Curricular Cultural Immersion Programs, and Academic Exchange. 

Clubs & Conferences

Increased opportunities for students to participate in diverse and authentic student conferences both locally and internationally.

Partnerships with Sister Schools

Our Partnerships with Sister Schools around the world are the foundation for our Global Classrooms model of international student collaborations, travel exchanges, pen pal communication, and shared teaching and learning opportunities. Notre Dame current has partnerships with seven schools in Argentina, Canada, China, England, Japan, Peru, Singapore and Taiwan. 

Global Citizen Scholar Program

The Global Citizen Scholar Program provides accepted ninth and tenth-grade students with an intentional academic and extracurricular path that focuses on global themes and issues through coursework, cross-cultural experiences, community-engagement, and participation in globally focused domestic programs. Students who complete the program will receive designation as a Global Citizen Scholar on their official transcript.

CGL Speakers

Speaker Series and Panel Discussions that provide the school community access to speakers who offer expert opinions and information relevant to global issues. 



Inspiring Compassionate, Global Leaders

Notre Dame’s Center for Global Leadership realizes the Academy’s Strategic Vision 2015-2020 goal to educate, empower, and inspire women to be compassionate leaders in a global society. The Center is inspired by the legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, who live and serve on five continents.

The Center is more than just an opportunity to offer student travel and exchanges. Over the past six years, we have been creating local and global partnerships that bring students and teachers together to develop leadership skills, global competencies, and new perspectives.

Mrs. Nora Moffat
Director for the Center for Global Leadership