The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur is a Catholic, independent, college-preparatory school for girls and young women in grades 6 through 12.

A Catholic, Independent, College Preparatory School for Young Women, Grades 6 through 12

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur: Inspiring Young Women Since 1956

Visual and Performing Arts at Notre Dame

Inspiring Creativity

At Notre Dame, we believe that the Fine and Performing Arts are both a creative and an academic pursuit. By creating, students learn to appreciate the creative process, to solve problems, to respect others’ forms of expression, and to work in groups. The Arts faculty consider the development of imagination, creativity, and aesthetic judgment to be essential complements to the critical thinking skills developed in other disciplines.

Arts Faculty
Mrs. Lindsay Miller, Arts Department Chair

Mrs. Kara O'BrienVisual Arts

Mrs. Julie McNulty, Visual Arts

Mrs. Kate Rupertus, Visual Arts


Fine Arts

All students participate in art classes each year. Offering an art program in a nurturing environment develops each student’s self-esteem, freedom to experiment and take risks, ability to think critically.

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Notre Dame’s dance program offers dance opportunities to all students with varying degrees of dance experience. Whether a student has been dancing for years or is a beginner, there is a class for everyone.



Notre Dame offers women's chorale and instrumental ensembles for musically inclined students to participate in each year. There are several opportunities to perform both on and off campus, as well as the option for private lessons.




Notre Dame’s thriving Theatre Program includes opportunities to perform in fall, spring and winter productions. Students can also join Stage Crew to gain experience in designing props, managing lighting and sound equipment.

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