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Laptop Initiative

All middle school and upper school students will receive an Apple MacBook Air this school year. The new device will be required for all students and will become an integral part of all of their classes. By using the same device, teachers and students will have more time to focus on critical thinking, collaboration, innovation, and communication.

The use of laptops in the classroom and at home will create more personalized learning opportunities for our students and allow faculty to develop more student-centered teaching and learning strategies. Students will also learn how to determine when technology use is appropriate, and how to become responsible digital citizens. 

Saint Julie Billiart believed that educators must teach their students "what they need to know for life." In a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers were asked to identify the primary characteristics they seek in new hires. "Proficiency with computer software programs," "technical knowledge related to the job," and the "ability to create and edit reports" were among the top ten skills employers most want when deciding whom to hire.

Regardless of a Notre Dame student's career path, the 1:1 device program promotes the technology fluency 21st century learners need for success.

Laptop Initiative FAQ'S