The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur is a Catholic, independent, college prepatory school for young women in grades 6 through 12.

A Catholic, Independent, College Preparatory School for Young Women, Grades 6 through 12

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur: Inspiring Young Women Since 1956


Inspiring Competence & Confidence

Notre Dame offers a rigorous mathematics curriculum designed to prepare our students with the skills necessary to derive solutions to multifaceted 21st century problems. The curriculum includes the important mathematical concepts and processes necessary for students to acquire the knowledge, understanding, and skills to communicate proficiently in mathematics. It is our goal that the graduate will, through the focus on creative and innovative cross curricular problem solving, be able to successfully apply mathematical concepts to unique, higher level multi-disciplinary challenges within a collaborative society. 

Curriculum Overview
  • Focus on group and project based learning methodologies
  • Foster acquisition and application of critical thinking and problem solving skills through real world STEM applications.
  • Integrate technology to differentiate instruction.
  • Collaborate with other disciplines to foster holistic knowledge.
  • Greater than 98% students enroll in 4 years math
  • Greater than 60% of seniors enroll in Calculus or AP level math
  • AP Scores consistently rank above national average
  • All middle school students enroll in at least Algebra I level by 8th grade
  • Challenging opportunities for all students
  • 3 AP level math courses available
  • Several courses are offered at honors and regular level
  • Math electives also available

21st century learning takes place in and around the Academy’s new, state-of-the-art Riley Center for STEM Education

Department Faculty

Mrs. Kate McTiernan, Department Chair