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IG Nighttime Nudges: The Reminders Students Need That It's "Time for a Break"

IG Nighttime Nudges: The Reminders Students Need That It's "Time for a Break"
Elizabeth Winter

The Social Institute is one of Notre Dame's partners through ND Cares. Check out their latest article below about Instagram’s Nighttime Nudges and what parents need to know to support their child’s well-being.


Did you know 82% of teenage students regularly check social media before bedtime? This habit often turns into mindless scrolling – and multiple hours of sleep down the drain.

Whether aware of it or not, nearly every educator has seen the effects of the sleep deprivation “epidemic” play out in the classroom.

The consequences on students of not enough sleep are well-studied, and they include everything from lack of concentration in school to severe mental health challenges.

Middle School Counselor Stacy Kim said she can easily relate to this never-ending scrolling before bed but she recently found some alternatives, like reading a book, to ease her mind before her head hits the pillow. 

"Although it may be easier said than done, try putting your mind to doing something you enjoy before bed other than social media," Kim said. 

After reading a chapter or two, Kim said she eventually becomes sleepy and that's when she knows it's time for bed. 

Nighttime Nudges is Instagram’s latest effort to improve student health and well-being by encouraging younger users to prioritize sleep over late-night social media scrolling. Let’s take a closer look.

Introducing: Nighttime Nudges
Nighttime Nudges, one of Instagram’s newest features, attempts to help students get the sleep they need.

The new feature prompts all users ages 13-17 with a pop-up screen reading “Time for a break?” after they have spent more than 10 minutes engaging with interactive features such as Reels or Direct Messages after 10 pm.

It’s designed to remind students about the importance of a healthy balance in screen time, particularly during the evening hours.

These nudges encourage teenage users to take breaks, prioritize offline activities, and be mindful of their overall well-being–essential tasks right before bed.

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