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Inspiring young women to Inquire, Explore, Imagine, and Innovate since 1856.

Since 1856, the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur has educated, empowered, and inspired young women for a lifetime of compassionate leadership and service guided by our Catholic faith and an abiding trust in the goodness of God. Our graduates are leading contributors in the fields of medicine, art, law, science, education, and business throughout the world, setting the standard for social responsibility by their lives and actions. They are our inspiration.


One of the best things Notre Dame provided me was the knowledge that we could do anything -- since we were all girls, the girls were the elected leaders, athletes, scholars.Nina Fite '75 Current U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Angola

Ambassador Fite
2022 Commencement Speaker


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Notre Dame provides an environment where the girls have some freedom, yet live by the Honor Code. I believe this allows them to grow and mature by taking ownership of their choices.Estelle Parent


Our Visual Identity

"There's no choice but to be a leader here."

Mission of the Academy

The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur commits itself to the education of young women in grades 6 through 12 for
responsible living in a global society. The Academy, rooted in the faith tradition of the Catholic Church and the charism of Saint Julie Billiart, provides its students with a challenging academic curriculum within a rich spiritual community in order to:

  • inspire them to live the prophetic nature of the gospel, with a passion for justice and love for the poor
  • enable them to develop the skills and desire necessary for lifelong learning
  • empower them to be honorable, compassionate leaders

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The Girls' School Advantage

The research is clear and compelling - an all girls’ learning environment offers proven advantages that prepare students for success in college and beyond.

When compared to their female peers at co-educational schools, girls’ school graduates:

  • Have stronger academic skills

  • Are more academically engaged

  • Demonstrate higher self-confidence

  • Express stronger community involvement

  • Display higher levels of cultural competency

  • Exhibit increased political engagement

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The Honor Code

The Academy of Notre Dame strives to create an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and responsible freedom so that all members may be able to internalize and implement the Christian values that are so important to personal and social growth. The Honor Code fosters the development of each community member's personal integrity, character, and respect for self, others, and school policies. 

The obligation to follow the guidelines will afford the opportunity to provide the proper academic atmosphere in the school. The specific goals of the Honor Code, supported by faculty, staff, and parents, stand as follows:

The Honor Code Should

SERVE as a system of behavior through which each person is primarily responsible for their actions. If it becomes evident that this responsibility is not being met, it will be necessary for appropriate action.

ESTABLISH a level of self-discipline through which everyone is encourages to make good decisions.

CREATE individual awareness of self in relation to the group. BE instrumental in instilling the positive values.

The Honor Code will not be effective unless each community member makes its success our collective goal. It is our responsibility to remind those who violate the code of its importance to our mission and statement of beliefs.

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